Mission & Vision


To provide affordable, convenient, and practical Christian life-coaching and biblical counseling services that support clients who seek to find God’s calling for their lives, and want to live abundantly in His grace.


A comfortable and warm environment where:

  • Clients will explore and assess where they are now in their lives, and define desired goals and objectives: Focus
  • Clients will examine and practice relevant spiritual disciplines to strengthen their walk of faith and to promote health and wellness in all areas of their life: Balance
  • Clients will actively pursue and discover God’s calling for their lives by seeking to understand their unique design, natural talents, and God-given spiritual gifts: Purpose
  • Clients will create a strategy to move forward towards His calling and explore living a life fully surrendered to His purpose: Fulfillment.
  • Clients will learn to reframe their opportunities, challenges, and choices:Accountability
  • Clients will celebrate their victories: Joy
  • Clients will give thanks for blessings and purpose found in all situations: Gratitude