What is Christian Life Coaching?

Christian life coaching can bring transformational life change to clients who are experiencing some degree of dissatisfaction in a particular area of their lives or to those who simply desire to reach a particular goal in a specific area of their lives. Christian coaching is a Christ-centered and results-driven relationship that operates within the boundaries of trust and accountability while the client moves toward the successful completion of set goals. Christian coaching focuses on current and future behavior or performance, not on the past. Christian life coaching can help people move forward, past the stresses of their every day lives, towards experiencing God-given success.

With the assistance of a Christian coach, the client defines a specific goal and then maps out an effective strategy to move from where he or she currently is to where he or she wants to be in relation to that specific goal. Christian coaching involves conversation, rather than counseling, giving advice, or therapy. A Christian coach encourages a client to think differently about situations, opportunities and perceived obstacles. Additionally, a Christian coach guides the client in reframing his or her approach to reaching his or her goal so that the client is able to achieve the goal faster and easier. A Christian life coach uses biblical principles and foundations when working with a client.

A coaching relationship lasts for a specified period of time or number of sessions. A client may have many coaches over time, depending on different goals. For this reason, a client usually selects a coach that specializes in the area of desired improvement or interest.

Coaching Packages Available

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