Why Coaching

Why Use a Life Coach?

Many people have goals but really struggle to create and enact a course of action to successfully achieve them. Most of us set a goal, tell someone else we’re going to do it, and then stay on course for a short-lived period of time.  The American Society of Training and Development conducted a research project into the probability of completing a goal based on the actions a person takes related to that goal.  Information from that research suggests that the probability of completing a goal jumps to 95% if we have a specific accountability appointment with another person related to the implementation of our action plan to reach our goal.  

Anyone with challenges in areas like work and life balance, motivation, relationships, career transition, or health can benefit from working with a life coach. If you are seeking to enhance your work performance, life experience, or personal growth, an effective coaching relationship can be highly effective in taking you to the desired level of improvement. If you desire significant change in your life, a coach can offer solid support and challenge you in a way that relates to your individual design. A coach can help you remain focused on your goal and why it’s important to you.  A coaching relationship aids you in maintaining the motivation and commitment you need to achieve your goals by providing the necessary tools, perspective, structure and accountability.  For coaching to be effective, however, you must be fully committed to the process and willing to move forward.