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At Life In Abundance, we believe that health involves a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual needs. During ongoing or extreme periods of stress, this balance may be upset, yielding conflict within a person, or within relationships. In addition to the stress felt during periods of imbalance, many people feel stress when their unique temperament needs are not being met, or when those same temperament needs are being met in self-destructive and/or ungodly ways.

Life In Abundance seeks to restore physical, emotional and spiritual balance to individuals by providing a safe and confidential environment. The counseling part of our ministry seeks to help people become free from recurring personal and interpersonal problems through a direct and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

We recognize and acknowledge that full and complete change of a human being is an act of God. It is the understanding and acceptance of one’s unique self, or temperament, which causes each individual to allow God to effect change in his/her life. Life In Abundance offers a biblical counseling ministry that relies on the power of Jesus Christ to bring complete and lasting healing. This belief is contrary to the philosophy and traditions of some secular counseling which are based on humanism and focus on self-sufficiency.

We believe that the Bible speaks to all areas of our lives. Unfortunately, there are many Christians who are unable or unaware of how to apply its teachings in a practical way in their daily lives. We seek to help counselees learn and apply biblical truths in tangible, practical, and specific ways. We believe that if people understand and apply biblical truths to their lives, choose to live daily as active members of the Body of Christ, and authentically love God and love His people, then they will be equipped to serve as the hands and feet of Christ.

Theory of Temperament

Theory of Temperament

The theory of temperament teaches that our temperament is placed within us by God, while in our mother’s womb, and that this temperament will remain with us throughout our lives. We are spiritual beings created by God with a precise order and balance of body, soul and spirit. The spirit encompasses our temperament, and our heart is the binding, blending and balancing agent within our temperament. This overlaps our soul and spirit and provides God’s precise order within each of us.

The theory continues to teach that every individual has temperament needs of varying degrees. These temperament needs are met by drawing from the lower soul (humanistic) or from the higher soul, most commonly referred to as the spirit. Most interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts are caused by:

  • individuals attempting to meet their temperament needs in an ungodly way (drawing from the lower soul).
  • temperament needs being out of balance, i.e., all the individual’s energies spent meeting some needs while other needs are ignored.
  • reactions to unmet temperament needs.

Theory of Temperament identifies the temperament needs in counselees and helps them find a balance in order to relieve inner stress. Theory of Temperament helps counselees find peace within themselves, within their environment and with the Lord.

Excerpt taken and adapted from ‘Creation Therapy,’  by Richard Arno, Ph.D. and Phyllis Jean Arno, Ph.D.

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