Premarital Counseling

Life In Abundance offers premarital counseling for engaged couples or for couples who are considering becoming engaged. This counseling is conducted by a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor.

Premarital counseling offered by Life In Abundance requires attendance by both individuals for eight counseling sessions. Sessions are typically scheduled every two weeks to allow the couple time to review notes and complete homework assignments, however, this frequency may be adjusted to once per week at the discretion of the counselor and in accordance with the counselor’s availability.

Premarital Counseling Package

  • This package includes the following:
  • 8 scheduled sessions with a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor that cover the couple’s background information and important focus areas of marriage
  • Course 3-ring binder that includes a printed agenda for all sessions, individual handouts, and homework assignments
  • Couple’s personal copy of the supplemental book used for homework assignments
  • Temperament Analysis Profiles for both the Bride and the Groom (see Creation Therapy)
  • Certificate of Completion upon completion of all eight premarital counseling sessions
  • Additional references: supplemental resources including but not limited to additional training courses, books, websites, etc.

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