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Life In Abundance incorporates biblical principals from various biblical counseling academic institutions and credentialed training programs, church lay counseling programs, Theophostic prayer ministry, and the word of God. Counselors available through Life In Abundance use prayer and the word of God (biblical pastoral counseling) to help individuals struggling with numerous spiritual and life issues.

Personal counseling at Life In Abundance is biblically based, and is available for a wide range of problems. Specifically using biblical principals, Transformational prayer, and the Creation Therapy and Exchanged Life counseling models, counselors help individuals work through pain stemming from unresolved spiritual issues such as unforgiveness, anger, depression, addictive behaviors and relationship issues. In addition, counselors work with counselees to address pain involving health crisis, grief and loss (including rape, divorce and abortion recovery), and self-esteem.

Situational difficulty does not come to you quickly or all at once. It is typically the cumulative effect of many years of faulty beliefs, thoughts and practices. Restoring your spiritual well-being is similar to the process required for the effective restoration of your physical well-being. Because counseling is similar to physical therapy or rehab, you can expect to invest a significant amount of time into the healing and change processes. It can take a wide-ranging and challenging period of time for a counselee to successfully work through the process of change in order to break free from spiritual bondage. There is no magic in counseling; however, if you commit to making necessary changes in your thinking and behaviors, and commit to relying on the power of Jesus Christ over your own self-sufficiency, then you can expect to see quantifiable lifestyle changes.

Please note that the Clinical Pastoral Counselors and Pastoral Counselors at Life In Abundance do not diagnose mental, emotional or physical disorders, and as such, will refer the treatment of those disorders to appropriately state licensed professionals. Clinical Pastoral Counselors and Pastoral Counselors of Life In Abundance are not licensed by the State of South Carolina as a “licensed marital or family therapist,” “licensed marriage and family therapist,” “marital or family therapist,” “marriage or family counselor,” “licensed professional counselor,” “professional counselor,” or “licensed counselor,” nor do we hold ourselves out to the public or advertise ourselves to do any of the above.


Each client determines the limits of confidentiality, and such limits are honored. Accordingly, records will not be released to anyone outside the Life In Abundance staff unless a signed release is obtained. It is the policy of Life In Abundance that any information you share with the counselor will be carefully guarded and ethically cannot be disclosed without your written consent. The following exceptions are to be adhered to by all health care professionals, as well as professional counselors, according to state law. 

  1. It is required by law that all counselors have a duty to warn the appropriate authorities if a client intends to take harmful, dangerous, or criminal actions against himself/herself or someone around him/her.
  2. Professional counselors are also mandated to report any incidences of “reasonable suspected child abuse” (physical or sexual), elder abuse, or suicide attempts.

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