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Life In Abundance is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization and is funded by client fees, grants and private contributions.

Your financial support, through regular contributions, enables Life In Abundance to continue helping families who desire Christian coaching and biblical counseling over secular coaching and counseling models so widely used in our culture. Because of the current cost of healthcare, many families who need these services cannot afford them.

Through your generous contributions, Life In Abundance is able to continue to provide services to families who otherwise would not be able to attain them. Many of those who seek help from Life In Abundance are single moms struggling to provide for their families on little to no income, widows who are surviving on a meager fixed income, caregivers who are weighed down by large medical expenses, recently divorced women who find themselves trying to reenter the workforce after years of being at home raising their families, and women who are rebuilding their lives after leaving abusive relationships.

Please consider Life In Abundance as one of your ministries of choice for your charitable giving. We ask for your continued prayers over this ministry as we seek God and apply His Word for the answers of all the problems that are common to man. We welcome your contribution of any amount.

Checks may be made payable to:

Life In Abundance
655 H. Fairview Rd. PMB # 187
Simpsonville, SC 29680

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Your Donation Dollars At Work:

“…After years of feeling let down, ashamed, helpless, abused, not good enough and starving for something to fill the void inside me…God had started a work in me and even though it would be months before I visited Life In Abundance, the seed was planted. He knew what I needed and He pushed me until I walked my angry, bitter self right through the front door of Life In Abundance and there He began to heal my wounds. Through the counseling that was available to me because of Life In Abundance, God restored my faith and over time He restored the joy of my salvation. God called this ministry into being to bring healing to the hearts and minds of women who cannot otherwise afford the help that counseling offers. Will you prayerfully consider allowing God to use you to provide a scholarship for someone like me? Someone that desperately needs hope, someone that wants to be better, do better, feel better – but doesn’t know how. Someone whose prayer is to find joy, peace and fulfillment through the truths that only the Holy Spirit can give.”  ~Client