Just like the seasons change, life is filled with “change.” We go from stifling heat in the summer to crisp days at football games in the fall. Then we bundle up as temperatures drop and the darkness settles in earlier in the day. Finally, flowers pop through, the air warms, and the cycle starts over again.

Change is not something we always look forward to.  In our human nature, “change” is not always welcome… we’re happy with the status quo.  “Change” can be fearful, sometimes stressful and difficult.  At times it makes us uncomfortable and tests our faith because we are not sure of the next step we are to take.  Just as there are wonderful aspects in the “change” of each season, God uses “change” to bring newness, blessings and growth to us in the different seasons of our lives.

The word “change” when used as a noun has several meanings which would apply here, such as:  adapt, adjust, revise, refine, reshape and transform, just to name a few.  The verb form for “change” means “the act or instance of making or becoming different.”  The transformed and changed life in Scripture is exactly what our relationship in Jesus is all about.  The moment we are born again we are transformed from unbeliever to believer.  We walk from darkness into light.  Our spiritual blindness becomes sight.  This transformation is the most miraculous and important “change” anyone goes through in this life.  Just like the caterpillar goes through metamorphosis to become that amazing beautiful butterfly, we are born again by the Spirit of God into a child of God the moment we believe. That transformation continues as we “change” and grow to be more like Jesus. So, “change” is necessary for our growth and vitally important to our spiritual health.

“Change” leads us to the “abundant life” Jesus offers us in John 15, as we stay connected to Him, the True Vine. He is the one thing that never changes!  He is the “anchor of our soul!”  The Bible says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:6.)  We don’t always know what tomorrow holds, but, we know WHO holds tomorrow.  We need to anticipate “change” because it will surely come, however, we don’t have to fear it. God is allowing “change” to grow us and refine us to be more like His Son.  Even in the most challenging circumstances and seasons of life, we can have Hope and Joy in the moment to moment, unchanging presence of Jesus.

by Nancy Buck