Father’s Heart Study Group

A Facilitated Co-Ed Study Group

April 6 – May 11, 2022

Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:30pm


Cost: $55



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Study Group Facilitated by Jonthan Helms

Understanding Our Father’s Heart.

Who is better than our God? No one. Who is for us and more unfailing than our Creator? No one. What is better than intimacy with the Father who longs for us and calls us to Himself? Nothing.

Then why do we so often live like there is someone or something that more fulfills and brings peace and joy? Simply put, we do not fully know who the Father is. Sometimes we struggle to accept forgiveness. Sometimes we create a barrier to receiving His love because we struggle to love ourselves or others. He is not angry at us. He is not waiting on us to fail. He is good, He is kind, He wants to be our friend. So often it is lies that we have believed that keep us from seeing who He is. God is being someone and something to us every day; come discover with us what that is.

We will go through Jack Frost’s book, ‘Experiencing Father’s Embrace,’ as a guide for discussion and discovery. In these 6 weeks, we will arrive at new beliefs and deeper intimacy with a Father who created us and called us “very good.”