Freedom Study

A  Co-ed Study 

February 9 – March 16, 2022

Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:30 PM


Cost: $55



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Study Group Facilitated by Jonthan Helms

Breaking Free From the Trap of Offense.

Interested in getting free from, or avoiding, perhaps the biggest trap of the enemy?

Offense is that trap. Sometimes it’s obvious – as in frequent thoughts of distrust or accusation. Often offense shows up in ways we don’t suspect – when we rehearse past hurts. It even manifests in ways that we often would not call offense – like needing to always tell our side of the story.

Offense can act as a captor by stealing our hope because of something someone did to us. The goal of offense is to separate us from our Heavenly Father, to skew our perception of Him and His nature of goodness and love and forgiveness.

Join us as we go through John Bevere’s book, ‘The Bait of Satan,’ for a 6 week study and discussion. We’ll expose the ways offense works, separate ourselves from the lies we’ve believed and begin practicing the abundant life that comes in freedom from offense and all its entanglements.