Hope for the Hurting Parent

Thursdays, March 7 – April 25, 2024*

6:30-8:00 PM

*We will not meet 3/21/2024.

$45 Registration Fee Per Session


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You Are Not Alone

You would go to the ends of the earth for your child. So, suppose your teenager or young adult is in the midst of a crisis due to self-injury, mental illness, depression, bullying, or destructive choices. In that case, you probably feel broken, powerless, and isolated.

You may think you are a bad parent. But you are not alone. And you will be okay.

Join us as we walk through this study using the authored book by Dena Yohe to learn how we can practically take healthy ways to maintain other relationships, suggestions for responding to friends who don’t understand, and ideas for keeping up the emotional and spiritual well-being when your world feels as if it’s crashing down.