Financial Freedom…….

I imagine when you read those words, you have a picture in your mind of what that would look like for you–money to travel without having to pinch pennies, money to enjoy a shopping spree, money to splurge on your grandkids, money to give lavishly.

I think the bottom line for most people hearing the words “financial freedom” is the dream of having enough money to do what you want without any financial stress. That definition probably sounds like a lifetime goal, but I would like to proffer that achieving that kind of freedom can start today by spending your money ON PURPOSE!

When you know how you are spending your money on a monthly basis, you are being intentional about your financial goals. You have freedom. You have the power to shape how each dollar is spent. You don’t get to the end of the month and scratch your head wondering why you don’t have money to put toward vacation. I believe that most people have no idea the mental freedom that can be achieved just by being this intentional. I would be elated to think that those of you reading this blog are feeling hope in the idea of “crunching numbers” and tracking where your dollars go instead of feeling the common frustration that says, “I have tried this kind of thing before, and it doesn’t work.”

There will be some future blog posts sharing some very specific ways for you to gain daily financial freedom, but you need to hear this cry. “You can do this!!” Change your focus from “Someday I wish” to “Here’s today’s freedom!” If reading this has inspired you to take action and you would like to get some specific steps right way, contact Life In Abundance to inquire about personalized financial coaching packages.

by Karina Whisnant, Board Certified Christian Life Coach