Elderly Care Q&A at LIA

Many of us are in a time where our aging parents require a level of care that is new and different to us and to them. This season of life can be confusing for all involved, not to mention exceptionally stressful. A large part of navigating this transitional season well is to understand what resources are available to help and how to go about securing them.

Topics Include: Hospice, Home Health, Home Care, Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Locator Services.

┬áDon’t worry. The experts leading the workshop can help you think through what questions are pertinent to your specific situation. This is their wheelhouse. They walk families through these situations and decisions every single day. It’s possible to turn this transitional time of confusion and stress into a time of confident decision making.

Caring for Elderly Parents Workshop Series: An Interactive Q&A

Workshop 10am – 12pm (Doors Open at 9:30am)

Saturday, January 29, 2022